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You're at a crossroads

You know you need a change, you're working so hard on something you once dreamt of having and now you feel trapped in a freelance job you've created for yourself that doesn't feel very free. The numbers don't add up and you wonder whether you'd earn more just going back to employment. You feel so guilty, you must be ungrateful to be thinking of giving up on this. Do you want this to work? Do you want something different? Right now, you just know this doesn't feel good.


The world's changed. You've changed.

You know there's more than this.

It's time to earn more and work less.

Just maybe there's something else you could pursue that would give you more joy, but you've toyed with so many ideas and always come full circle, doubted yourself and ultimately stopped yourself. You don't have time anyway.


I've been where you are right now; knowing I need to make a change, but finding it difficult because life is... comfortable.

What it comes down to though is the fact that you're unhappy.You know there could be more, but you don't have the time to work out who you are any more, what you want or what your new direction is, let alone make a plan to make the change.

Without that plan, you can't take any action. You're stressed, you're tired, you're not earning enough, you're going around in circles. It's now or never but you don't know where to start.

In 2023 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Above all the lessons I took about health, business and parenting, I learnt that life is for living.

If your life isn't serving you, it's time to change.

Let's chat


1-1 support to help you earn more while working less.

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Find your future

Imagine waking up in the morning, pumped and excited for the day ahead - even though the kids dragged you out of bed at 5:45. Your business is finally worth while, you feel your direction is right now, you have a life and business that brings you time for you, time for your family, and yes, you can pack everything into the car and take a beach day today because you finally have the flexibility you've been searching for.


It's a huge contrast from where you are right now, wondering where you're going so wrong as you become more and more overwhelmed by the options that may or may not be the way forward for you.


All you want is to be clear on who you are, what you want and to have a profitable business that works around your family, is that so much to ask?


Coaching with me usually takes place over 8-12 weeks with voice chat support. We work through five unique areas of life and business so you can rediscover your passions, find time for you, and learn how to have more flexibility for life's other demands.

Plus, as an accountant by training, my mind will always be on your numbers so we can work out how you will earn more (and work less). I'll be right by your side for every step.

Start today

Book a 30 Minute Free Call to find out whether 1-1 coaching is right for you.

1-1 coaching online

1 in-person meet up (supplement for overseas)

Voice-note accountability

Resources to design the life and business you need.

Why this?

My name is Zoe Whitman

I'm a business and lifestyle coach. I'm an entrepreneur, and my multi-disciplinary background is your secret to success. I have built a successful, profitable business that works around my family. I work around the children's schedule with minimal commitments in the school holidays and I want this for you too.

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