Meet Zoe

Accountant, Entrepreneur,

Life and Business Mentor, Author, Podcaster and Mum.

After 16 years working as an accountant, I stopped to have a baby - only to find I needed something to do. 

I started to do some freelance bookkeeping as I thought having a "little side-hustle" would give me the flexibility to have more time at home with my daughter when I needed to return to my "real job". As it turned out, my little bookkeeping business was much bigger than the one day per week I'd dedicated to it, and shortly after returning to work, I resigned from my job with one of the UK's largest high street banks to take my bookkeeping practice, But the Books, full time. 

Over the next couple of years I won the ICB's Small Practice of the Year (2018) and Social Media Influencer of the Year (2019), I was a semi-finalist in Enterprise Nation's Female Entrepreneur of the Year (2019), named one of Enterprise Nation's Top 50 Advisers (2019), and I was shortlisted in the category of Accountancy Firm of the Year South West in the British Accountancy Awards (2019). There wasn't even a category for bookkeeping firms at the time and when I arrived at the awards ceremony, I realised I'd achieved something monumental. 

In 2020 I went on to publish Know Your Numbers, which is THE guide for small business owners who want to avoid having a bag of receipts, get organised and understand more about their finances. 

I took the sad and difficult decision to close But the Books in 2020 to look after my children during the pandemic. I simply didn't want the stress of managing a team and rebuilding a business which had lost clients overnight with two pre-schoolers at home. Shortly afterwards, I took a position in accountancy practice with a long term goal of continuing to support small businesses with their finances and accounts. I decided to leave practice - when The 6 Figure Bookkeeper, the side-hustle I founded in 2020 with Jo Wood MICB, had a multiple-five figure launch. As somebody who has always sought job stability and after my experience of 2020, this was a difficult decision, but it was clear I had to go all-in on self employment. 


As a mother, the flexibility that working for myself offers is second to no job. I know from my own experience, how important it is for business owners to build businesses which can support their lifestyles and I want to help people live their values by building thriving businesses. Having built an online business and passive income streams of my own, I know that having the ability to generate additional revenue by selling digital products around online, creative, freelance, and of course bookkeeping businesses, can be game-changing. 

Despite my commitment to my profession as an accountant - I qualified with the ACCA in 2006 and am proud to serve as a member of the Bristol ACCA Panel - the best way I can support small business owners isn't to do their bookkeeping and accounts, but is to support

This isn't about replacing your corporate income. This is about achieving your life-goals.

them strategically in building businesses which support their life goals.


I've worked with hundreds of small businesses, I've helped people leave their day-jobs to take their side hustles full time and I've helped others add thousands of pounds to their monthly revenue. In 2020 I completed life coaching and NLP certifications to formalise my qualification to support business owners who aspire to build strong, successful businesses. 

If you're into motivation theory, it's fair to say that when I'm in a coaching session, I'm "self-actualising", and the fire I have when I'm excited about supporting you to grow your business energises me in a way I can't describe. 

I want to help more bookkeepers and accountants to see their businesses as a vehicle to achieve their life goals. When you take your business seriously, you can achieve great things.


This isn't just about replacing your corporate income, being able to side-hustle one day per week while you "only" work part-time - a lesson I learnt the hard way. This is about being able to make life-shifts, to achieve your life goals, to get what you're really working for - whether for you it's about being able to pick your kids up from school, being able to work from wherever you want or having cash in the bank. 

In 2021 I was named one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting, I write a column for AccountingWEB and I'm co-host with Jo Wood of The Bookkeepers' Podcast, a business podcast shortlisted for Innovation in Accountancy in 2021 after just 60-something episodes. 

If you think it's time to stop dreaming and start making things happen, I'd absolutely love to meet you.