Online Income

Get your short course or eBook written, recorded and online in the

next eight weeks so you finally have an additional income stream and the know-how to build more.


Let's work together in a small group to strategise and get your short course or eBook written, recorded and online in the eight weeks.

Do you need support to design and build an additional income stream for your business in the next eight weeks?

I'll help you get the ideas out of your head in into a strategy which aligns with your wider business goals so you can build additional income which doesn't demand your time, which make sense and makes your business more profitable. I'll teach you how to write and record a course and how to plan and write an eBook, and I'll hold you accountable for making your project happen in the next eight weeks.


Do this work with me and you'll have something to sell in eight weeks' time - and you'll know how to repeat the process over and over again.

Live support in a small group to get your additional
income stream online in the next eight weeks.

Live training sessions

For eight weeks we'll meet in a small group for group training, coaching and Q&A sessions over Zoom. We'll cover:

Your ideal client

Get absolute clarity on what you're creating, for whom, and why so you can create a successful product.


How to design and create an ebook, whether it's right for you, how to publish on KDP and how to create a printed book.

Flagship services

How to upsell into higher priced services and how to position a flagship service which makes you the best in your space.

Your business

What's the right additional offer for your current business? Understand what's missing and where there are opportunities.

Online courses

Who your course should be for, how long it should be, how to record it and where to host it to best serve your business goals.


How to price ebooks and courses and how to price your flagship services to ensure your business works around your family.

Your sales funnel

Understanding how your clients find you and how they move between the different product and service offerings in your business.

Outlining session

90 minutes to map out the content of your online course or ebook. From the problem you solve for the details and slides.

1:1 Support

Pay in full and get a free strategy call with me for your business.

How it works

The Online Income Sprint is an eight-week group live training and mentoring programme to get your additional income stream written, recorded and online in the next eight weeks. You'll join weekly live trainings, have access to a growing database of additional courses and trainings to support you, and have access to a Voxer chat for support during the week (acceptable usage applies).

Session times

Sessions will be held live on Monday evenings (UK time) and will run for up to 90 minutes.

What else will you get?

You'll also have free access to all of my other resources including my pre-recorded courses, this database is growing weekly.

We'll also use Voxer to stay in touch via voice notes within the group.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you want to create extra income for an existing business through online courses and ebooks but you need support and accountability to make it happen. 

  • You want to bring an extra income stream into your business through an ebook or course

  • You have ideas but are feeling overwhelm and don't know where to start

  • Or you've tried lots of things but nothing's really worked

  • You need strategic support to create a plan for how this fits with your overall business

  • You need help determining what will be best to spend your time on

  • You're committed to taking action now 

  • You need accountability to make it happen

  • You know that having multiple income streams will help you build a business which works better around your family commitments

  • You value the support of someone who has done this before

This isn't for you if: 

  • You already have a successful business with multiple revenue streams

  • You don't have time to attend live sessions right now

  • You're not prepared to make time to do the work right now

  • You don't take action

  • You're a bookkeeper, I'm so sorry. I run a brilliant programme and passive income course with Jo Wood for bookkeepers over at

What's the investment?

You can join this eight-week, intensive programme, weekly trainings, live support, voice message access and access to my growing library of training materials, for a one time payment of £1,997 or spread the investment over three months with no additional charge.

Pay in full to receive a free 1:1 strategy call to plan out your idea together with me on top of what's included in your programme. 


Weekly training and coaching calls - run for approx 90 minutes but no time limit to ensure you receive all you need from each call (£1800 value)

Private Voxer group to get your questions answered by Zoe in between calls (£1000 value)

Access to growing database of additional resources, courses and training materials (£500 value)

Payment plan allowing you to pay in full or to pay in three instalments

Pay in full bonus - 1:1 strategy call with Zoe to map out your business in detail and make a plan together (£299 value)

Total value = £3,599


Payment plan available

Have you got a course or eBook idea? Let's get it online in the next eight weeks.
Apply here for the next Sprint.

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