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Why now is the best time to take your business seriously

The pandemic transformed our lives in every possible way, including our way of living and working. It highlighted the importance of flexibility and freedom in our careers, especially for mums and resulted in a marked change for many. It brought to the forefront, the inadequate flexibility offered by traditional employment and it might have been the trigger point for you to finally start your own business to provide you with the freedom you need to take care of your family.

The pandemic showed us the importance of flexibility in our personal and professional lives. Starting your own business, in theory, gives you the chance to control your schedule and work hours, allowing you to prioritise your family’s needs without sacrificing your income.

Starting your own business can allow you time with your family, especially during those early years that are so precious. Imagine having the flexibility to work from home or anywhere else you choose, which means, in theory, you will not have to miss out on important events or milestones in your child’s life.

Owning your own business means your earning potential is potentially limitless, why would you wait to start building a financially secure future? And with the world witnessing a shift towards remote work, it's never been easier to set up your own business and work from anywhere with an internet connection, has it?.

So many mums have been tempted to start businesses so they can work the hours that suit them best and create an opportunity to earn more.

But then they find themselves stuck.

Because without strategy, it's not always that easy.

If we take on a client who's values don't align with our own, if we get the pricing wrong, or if we start working with the children at home, actually, we don't build the business that this was all about, we create a trap.

Starting your own business as a mum in the post-panedmic world can be the best decision you will make. The flexibility and freedom can be immense, but it's important to plan. If you're feeling stuck, or if you're early on your entrepreneurial journey, consider acting now, creating an action plan, and exploring your options to ensure this business really gives you the freedom you crave so much.

Can I help? Book a 1-1 strategy call with me or find out more about my 1-1 programme.


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