• Zoe Whitman

Why knowing your ideal client will help you launch your bookkeeping business faster

I think the bookkeeping and accounting industry is divided in opinion about whether niching is the right thing to do. I think niching is absolutely the way to go.

Niching can help you get really focused on who you work with, the services you provide and help you market your business. If you're thinking of launching your bookkeeping business, relaunching, going in a different direction or adding additional services, if you want to get out there and start to be really visible to your ideal clients, having a niche will help you to do that. You can simply be really targeted in your marketing.

That definitely helped me with my bookkeeping business.

It can be really overwhelming when you're first thinking about marketing your business. Do you need to be on social media all the time? Which platform? Where do you focus? You might find you end up broadcasting, speaking to nobody in particular. Niching and knowing who your ideal client is, knowing where they're going to be spending their time on social media will help you put your attention into those places and channels.

Other clients will come. Niching doesn't mean you rule out the rest of the market, it simply means you concentrate your attention on one area, making all of your activities more effective.

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