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Why every mum needs an Action Plan

There's something about the juggling act of running a business and taking care of kids that sets entrepreneurial mums apart from the rest. But tackling this challenge can be especially daunting for those without a clear plan or support system.

As a mother and entrepreneur myself, I've at times felt unclear on my mission and lonely as I've balanced the unique challenges that come with this lifestyle. Other mum friends haven't understood my drive, entrepreneurs without children thought I was mad and the mums I met with children and businesses were sometimes worlds apart from my own direction. It's been important for me to find my own people (not always mums, not always entrepreneurs) and find my own support.

When we surround ourselves with the right people, it becomes easier to make progress. It's like they say, the five people we surround ourselves with, raise us up - provided they're the right people.

Overwhelm has been a common feeling as I've managed a business and home life and what I've learnt is that having a clear strategy to navigate my business journey has been key. With little time or head space, having an actionable plan has helped me to know exactly what steps to take next on the journey to building a multi-six figure business. And that leads to confidence.

It's not all about the money, but knowing how to increase your income, increase your profit and improve your financial stability is important when you remember that business isn't just about business, business is about the life it makes possible. As we push boundaries as mums, knowing we are able to support ourselves and our families while pursuing our passions is the greatest thing.

It's all possible when you have an Action Plan and this matters to me greatly.

Work with me to build your Action Plan and get the support and guidance you need to get clarity, reduce overwhelm and make a plan for your future in life and business. I'd love to be there, right by your side.


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