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Time blocking for mums: 7 essential time blocks

Updated: Jul 18

Why Time Blocking for Mums Matters

As a busy mums in business, juggling between your business and family might seem overwhelming. However, effective planning and time management are essential for keeping momentum in your business while also enjoying quality time with your children. Today I want to share my approach to time blocking so you can create a schedule that balances your business commitments and family time, ensuring maximum productivity and success.

In this blog post, we will discuss the seven essential time blocks for your business time.

Time Blocking Client work

Your client work requires dedicated and uninterrupted time, which is why you need to block out specific hours in your schedule for such activities. You must make sure that your clients know your availability and that you're committed to delivering top-notch work. Consider the type of work you're doing and split them according to their priority, deadlines, and amount of time required.

Time Blocking Contingency Time (optional time)

Anything can happen unexpectedly, and that's why you need to have a contingency plan in your schedule. As a mum, time blocking for optional time block serves as a buffer zone for attending to unexpected tasks, emergencies or even taking a breather. You can use this time to catch up on pending tasks or attend to urgent emails and phone calls that might have come in.

Time Blocking Marketing Time

Marketing is crucial for your business, but it's often pushed to the back burner, especially when client work is piling up. To avoid this mistake, set aside specific hours for marketing activities such as content creation and social media management . Ensure that your marketing activities align with your business goals.

Time Blocking Admin Time

Business administration tasks can be frustrating, but they are an essential part of running a business. They include bookkeeping, responding to emails, filing paperwork, and setting up appointments. Set aside a few hours to attend to these tasks and ensure they don't pile up over time.

Time Blocking Sales Time

Sales are the backbone of any business, and you must always be on the lookout for new customers and revenue streams. Dedicate a specific time to follow up on leads, network with potential clients, and pitch your products and services. This time block should be strategically planned to ensure that it aligns with your marketing efforts.

Time Blocking Strategy Time

This, I'm afraid to say, is the time lacking for many mums in business. It's essential to always stay ahead of the game. Critical business planning efforts like reviewing your business plan, setting goals, analysing competition, and creating new products require time, effort, and intense focus. Plan for it.

Time Blocking Self Care

Self-care is vital to your success as a busy mum in business. Taking care of yourself not only helps you feel great; it also ensures you have the energy and focus to keep your family and business running smoothly. It's ok to take time out of your business, just as you would be given holiday time if you were employed.

Time Blocking for Mums

Managing a business and family is no mean feat. For mums, time blocking can be a game changer. These time blocks make a huge difference to how I run my business, it takes the overwhelm away and keeps me focussed on what matters.Take charge of your schedule today, apply these time blocks and enjoy a fulfilling, productive working week.

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