Three reasons you're not taking action

Procrastinating? Have you thought about why?

We generalise a lot. And you might have negative beliefs about people who have self belief. You might label people as arrogant or pushy and be worried others might believe those things about you and dislike or reject you.

We have beliefs about ourselves and our abilities to build self belief. This is formed over time, through habit, our experiences of the past, and you might believe you simply can’t build self belief and confidence.

You might also believe things about self belief that don’t help you. You might tell yourself that that self belief is only for certain people and it’s not for you, maybe that’s it’s simply unattainable, and when you close off possibilities of growth, that leaves you stuck.

Are you telling yourself anything which isn’t serving you?

What can you change about the language you're using which will help you move forward with your business growth or your next project?

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