Three common concerns about pivoting your business

I've been surprised over the past few years just how possible it is to pivot, not just in business but in life, in a short time - once I set my mind to it. I mean, it's possible to change a significant amount of your life making decisions about life, work and business within as little as a year. But the idea of pivoting can feel scary especially when you feel what you do has become deeply ingrained in who you are and what you do. I've gone from being employed to running a service-based business, to coaching other business owners in that space, to mentoring other mums in business who are ready to earn more from their businesses with strategies to make more online. All of those things have happened in just five years and I'm sure I've felt all the emotions when it's come to making those decisions, so I hope that sharing my thoughts and advice will help you if you're feeling suck here. 1. What will people think if I change direction? Honestly, this has been huge for me and I expect I've held myself back by years as I've thought of other people who have nothing to do with and likely no interest in my business. If you are planning to change direction, be clear on why that is for you. 2. How do I talk about this with my existing audience? You might be concerned about confusing your existing audience and customers when you start to add something new. I'm frequently asked by bookkeepers for example whether I offer 1-1 coaching outside of my coaching business, The 6 Figure Bookkeeper. My answer is always that the best way to work with me and my business partner if you're a bookkeeper is through The 6 Figure Bookkeeper. I would never seek to dilute that. And defining the boundaries of what you do where, and what you talk about where is very important. Especially if there's an overlap. 3. What if this pivot means I can "never go back"? Think very carefully about where you want to be in the future. And if you have doubts, give this even more consideration. What do you think the future of business is going to be for you If you're always going to want to explore this area, or it's always been part of the plan, then take notice of that. If this is a side hustle with a finite time frame, treat it as such. I love the opportunities that come with a pivot. Honestly, it can be one of the most challenging but rewarding exercises in learning about yourself and your passions.

This week I spoke about this on my YouTube channel. You can watch the video here.

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