• Zoe Whitman

The reasons you can’t get everything done

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You have a list of things to do, you know exactly what you need to do to get it done, but it just isn't happening. Why?

Only you truly know the answer to that, but one of these may ring true.

Are your goals realistic for what you really want to achieve and what you've really got the capacity to be doing?

Are you goals unrealistic?

Sometimes the expectations we pile onto ourselves are just too high. If your spouse or your best friend had a to-do list which looks like yours, what would you say to them?

Do you have enough support?

Our support network plays an important part in whether we can achieve our goals. Do you have a cheerleaders? Do you have somebody to delegate too or to offload to when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Do you have conflicting priorities?

It can be hard to keep focused when you're being pulled in all different directions. If you have too much on your list, something's going to slip and you're going to quickly feel you're not getting everything done.

How's your planning?

Is there an opportunity to restructure your day to make better use of your time? Sometimes a simple shift can give you the time to work on something that's important to you.

Do you really care about the things on your list?

Another reason you might be finding it hard to keep focused on a goal is that it doesn't really matter to you. If that's the case, does it really need to be on the list or can you delegate it?

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