The best online business to start today

When you start any business, you want to start earning money as soon as possible. So what's the best business to start?

Since the pandemic, many businesses have moved online, and if you have a traditional business and you serve your clients one-to-one, it's possible you've simply taken your original business model and switched some of your face-to-face elements with virtual elements instead.

And this can work.

If your business is profitable and you enjoy it, there's no problem with this business model. It is an "online business", but one stand out factor for me, as a busy mum working around my children is that 1-1 always means you're limited by the time you have available.

And being online means we have more options for business.

Many of which can run on automation, or simply leverage the time you're already putting into the business. And the business which is best for you is going to depend on what you're passionate about, what you can make the most impact with and where you can become the most profitable.

This week, I recorded a video for my YouTube channel about how to get started with online business, I hope you enjoy it.

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