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Rediscovering yourself

As a remarkable mum in business, your journey is filled with incredible experiences—juggling the demands of both business and family life. Along the way, it's natural to lose touch with your personal values and what truly matters to you, I certainly did, in fact, I'm sure I'm still discovering myself.

Often this is the reason we feel stuck in business and life. Kind of in limbo between the life we once had and the life we have now.

We all deserve to have a thriving business that supports us in achieving our life goals, this is where fulfilment and purpose makes sense. But how do you rediscover your values and infuse them into your business when you've lost your way?

Reflect on your journey It's important to start by reflecting on your journey - and yours has been unique Acknowledge the remarkable sacrifices, challenges, and wins that have shaped you. I, personally, have found reflection hard at times, but reflecting on your past experiences, you'll gain valuable insights into the values that have guided you so far, and this is where you set the foundation for what's to come.

Your values

This is a great point at which to clarify your personal values. Dive deep within and ask yourself empowering questions like "What principles do I hold close to my heart?" and "What qualities do I want to embody as a business owner and a mother?", ask others around you and identify those core values that resonate with your soul.

Align your values with your business

From here you can align your personal values with your business journey. This is where you can blend heart and purpose harmoniously. Ask yourself whether your current business practices and decisions truly reflect your values. If there's a misalignment don't be afraid to make changes and begin to integrate your values into every aspect of your business. It starts with small steps.

Be yourself

You might feel pressure to have the values you think you "should" have. But embrace what is authentic to you. To build a business that is right for you, which gives you purpose in life, it's time to let go of comparisons. Your individuality is your superpower.

Review and revise

Our entire body of cells regenerates every seven years so it's natural that you feel different as a parent than you did when you were free and single. At that time you might have wanted different things for your business and life, and it's natural to expect that things will change again over the coming years. That's normal. Review and revise your values, ask yourself whether they continue to feel good to you.

Get support

And finally, get the love and support you need to make these great changes for yourself.

By rediscovering and aligning your goals in life and business with your personal values, you can infuse your business with love, authenticity, and a profound sense of meaning.

If you need support in this journey of rediscovery and goal-setting, there are several ways I can support you.

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