New course announcement: Visibility and Raising your Profile

Raising your profile is important when you start your business.

It's not just about finding clients. When you become the expert, you are more in demand, the perceived value of what you do is higher, meaning you can earn more.

But where do you start when it comes to raising your profile?

Spoiler alert, I think it's about committing to creating one consistent piece of "core expert content" every single week about the area you are expert in. Showing up consistently helps you build trust with potential clients, but also gets you on the radar of important names within your industry, relationships with whom you can leverage to find more clients and to become even more visible, creating the ongoing cycle of visibility and PR.

So what do you need to consider a you create your expert content?

Do you need to be a podcaster?

Do you need to be a YouTuber?

Do you need a blog?

And what do you need to do about social media?

Becoming known by actively taking steps to raise your profile is something every entrepreneur can do, and in this short course, you'll learn what is right for the audience you want to attract and how to put a strategy of creating regular expert content immediately.

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