New course announcement: How to sell courses on Udemy

Why should you create a course? And how can you do that on Udemy?

For business owners, becoming the expert is the key to selling your services at a higher price. For every information-based business owner, reaching a wider audience will help you grow your customer base, what better way than creating a course to demonstrate your expertise to a new audience.

This course has been designed to take you step by step through how I've created online courses to sell on Udemy and how you can too, simply. No design experience, no writing experience is necessary, no fancy equipment, no expensive software. This is about getting your course into the world in the most efficient way possible which will help you reach new students.

In this short course, I'll keep things practical so you can go away and start creating your course today. We'll cover:

  • Why you should record a course

  • Why Udemy is a great platform for hosting your course

  • How to set up your Udemy account

  • How to outline the content for your course

  • Equipment you need to record your course (spoiler: no investment necessarily required!)

  • Free software for recording your course

  • How to create slides and handouts for free

  • Mistakes to avoid

  • How to market your course

  • How to price your course

  • How to get paid

  • How to get paid the maximum percentage using referral codes

  • How to submit your course to Udemy for review

You'll go away empowered and confident about the next steps to take to get your own course published on Udemy.

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