How we got a #1 Best Seller

How did we take a niche book written by an accountant an a bookkeeper to number 1 in four categories on Amazon last week?

If you knew that just 2 1/2 years ago, our entire community was made up of 135 members of a Facebook group, you'll realise that this success is something that has taken planning and strategy.

Together with Jo Wood, I've spent the last eight months or so writing The Bookkeeper Rises. It's a 250ish page book filled with business strategy for our niche, and the stories of 35 bookkeepers and accountants who work with us on our coaching programmes at The 6 Figure Bookkeeper.

We've been building up to the launch of the book for months, behind the scenes, we had a lot to navigate. Our book launch date changed, we added in an audiobook quite late in the process and we had a front cover change, but this all created talking points we could leverage as we constantly evolved our marketing.

Ultimately, the reason we hit that top spot was the fact that we had a goal, we set a timeline, and we actioned every step of our plan when we said we would (subject to a few changes when external factors changed). we left nothing at all to chance.

These are the three things that I really believe got us to that Number 1 spot.

1. We really started pushing the idea that the book was coming three months before the launch when we recorded the audiobook. It was far enough out that we could build excitement, but not so far away that we'd soon be selling pre-orders. The audiobook recording allowed us to start creating solid content about the book including audioclips and footage of us recording in the studio.

2. Incentivising our community to buy the book quickly on release. Around half of our orders during the release weekend were actually physical copies ordered directly from us and not via Amazon at all. We encouraged people to purchase on Amazon by offering an incentive for a fast purchase.

3. Building with marketing. We've been talking about the book in almost every social media post and email to our list for months. Even if not part of the main email topic, the book has always been on the PS, giving leads a very low priced way to work with us, almost a no-brainer.

In fact, what we learnt during the book launch is just how critical Goal setting, Strategy, Action and Accountability are for achieving what you want in business.

If you want my support with strategy for your own upcoming book release, I'd love to support you. You can book a 1-hour 1-1 strategy call for £149 here or find out more about my six week coaching package here.

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