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How to survive the summer holidays

Updated: Jul 21

The summer holidays can often feel like a juggling act - trying to keep everyone happy and entertained while also keeping your business thriving. But with a well-planned holiday template, we can create a system that works harmoniously for us and our families. It serves as a roadmap to guide us through the summer, ensuring we maintain both our professional productivity and family harmony.

Maximising Your Time

As work-from-home mums, our time is precious. So, how can we make the most of the 6-week holiday without compromising on our business goals or quality time with our children? The answer lies in the structure provided by a holiday template, helping us effectively schedule our time for work, play, and relaxation.

Overcoming the Guilt

One common challenge we face during school holidays is the feeling of guilt. Are we dedicating enough time to our work or to our children? A holiday template can help eliminate this guilt. By creating a balanced schedule that includes time for work, family, and self-care, we can meet our responsibilities on all fronts.

Preventing Burnout

The goal of the summer holidays should be to enjoy quality time with our children and also maintain a healthy work-life balance. With a holiday template, we can prevent burnout by breaking down tasks into manageable parts and ensuring we also schedule downtime for ourselves.

How to survive the holidays? Steal my Summer Holiday Code

If you're ready to steal my summer holiday code and make it your own so you can make the most of the school holidays, then join my masterclass on July 30, 2023. In this masterclass, I'll reveal (and give you) the exact blueprint I use to thrive as a work-from-home mum during the summer holidays. This exclusive live event is for mums in business who are sick of "juggling" and ready for a system to navigate the summer holidays without the mum guilt and without compromising their business goals.

Having a template for the holidays can make a significant difference in how you approach the school break and I want to help you. So why not steal my summer holiday code and join my masterclass? You deserve to have a productive and enjoyable summer break, and with a template for the holidays, you can make it happen.

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