• Zoe Whitman

How to set your highest goals

You have so many goals but limited time, how can you choose what to prioritise.

Have you ever found yourself staring 1st January in the face with a list of 10 new year's resolutions? This year you want to lose 10lbs, run a marathon, redecorate the house, take the trip of a life time, learn a language, start a new fitness class...

But can you pick just one?

If you try to achieve everything on that list, it's possible that with so many pulls on your time you won't achieve any of them, so prioritising is critical, and here's a simple way to decide which one goal is the most important for you.


A great way to decide which of your goals is your absolute priority is to rank them.

Faced with a list of goals, pick the first two goals on your list and decide if you could only have one of them, which one you would you choose. Then choose the next goal on your list and decide which of the two you would choose.

This process can be repeated over and over until you're left with just one goal, and this is the goal which it feels most important for you to prioritise over everything else.

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