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How to manage the school holidays Free Course

Updated: Jul 10

If you've ever felt frustrated as things slow down for the holidays, I want you to know that I've been there too. I used to feel so mad about how little I could do around the kids, and it's taken a great deal of work to appreciate quite how much I'm actually able to do around them. Sure there have been some productivity hacks (all of which I'm giving away in this free course), but it's also helped to get to know myself better, to overcome the feelings of self doubt and guilt and to appreciate just how wonderful it is to be a capable mum in business.

I'd love you to feel this transformation too - and to have access to everything you need to prepare for a productive and fulfilling school holiday.

In this course, I give you access to a Summer Holiday Planning template plus nine lessons taking you step by step through what helps me and my family stay productive and happy during the holidays.

Register free here.


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