• Zoe Whitman

How to lose your to-do list and prioritise

I used to be one of those people with 20 things on my to-do list. How many of those things do you think I really managed to get done every day? Certainly not 20. And it's fair to say having all those unfinished things made me feel pretty overwhelmed, like I wasn't achieving what I'd set out to do. But who in their right mind would set out to achieve 20 things a day? Oh, ok, most of us.

Running my business around my young family, often spending whole days full-time parenting, I need to be realistic about what I can get done. So whether it's a work day or not, my strategy these days. is to have three goals for the day. Three things on the list.

If I can get more done, that's great, but if I can achieve those three things, I'm on to something good.

How do I choose those priorities?

It comes down to the urgent and important grid. What's important? What's going to stop me from moving onto what's next? And if there are lots of important things (there usually are), which of those are the most urgent? Which are blocking the way to the next steps? Where are others relying on me? What's important for hitting deadlines or moving to the next step in my strategic plan?

This approach has helped so much. Getting clarity on what's important and focusing my attention and energy is so important for me, and I hope this approach helps you.

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