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How to create more time in your day

Updated: Apr 23

When we're busy, finding the time to accomplish something on our goals list can seem impossible.

If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it? Start that course, find time for the gym, spend more time with your kids?

The thing is, we all only have 24 hours in every day.

But it's what you do with that 24 hours that matters. Have you ever really sat down to work out where your time goes? You might be surprised.

My time is split without a doubt between family, work, chores and errands, and Netflix. If you asked me, I'd probably tell you I spend about an hour a day watching TV, but properly tracking it tells me there are as many as three hours in an evening where I'm sat in front of the TV. And this is because our perception of where our time's going can be misaligned with where our time is actually being spent.

Tracking and planning

I challenge you to spend a few days, a week if you can, keeping a note of where your time is being spent. Keep it simple, just choose a handful of key areas. For me that might be childcare, work, chores and errands, commuting, family time, exercising, watching TV. You might be surprised what you see.

Make informed planning decisions

Can you squeeze more out of your day?

Next time you're inspired to work towards a goal, and find yourself concerned that you just don't have the time, ask yourself how you can make the time. We all need down time, but is there something you're doing which you can do less of? Can you delegate or make use of a part of your day where there's an opportunity to fit something in?

Get Inspired

Changing your routine can feel like a wrench, and it takes time to embed new habits, but it's about small changes. Look for small opportunities do do things differently in your day so you can dedicate time to something which is important to you. Knowing you're working towards something which really matters to you can make it easier to get into those routines. Good luck!

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