Five reasons why writing an ebook will take less time than you think

It's true that I've been fixated on how one project - an ebook - can become the content for your whole business, and this week on my YouTube channel, I share why you should create an eBook right now.

And writing an eBook really can take much less time than you think, here's why.

Your eBook becomes your content

As business owners we're so often pulled into the trap of creating endless weekly and daily content. It's never ending, it's distracting and can result in you creating content purely to get something out there.

The great thing about an ebook though is that the content of your eBook becomes your content, in fact the process of creating your ebook even becomes your content.

Your eBook makes it clear to potential clients what you do

Your ideal client, new lease and audience will be able to pinpoint exactly what you do when you write an eBook. Creating one thorough piece off content brings together your marketing in a way that posting weekly content just can't. You're making your mark by saying "this is what I do and I can help you".

You already know the content

Sure, you need a plan and there's more to writing an ebook than just opening a word document and typing a stream of consciousness, but you know this topic already, in more depth than anything else. If you've been creating content for some time, you probably already have a large amount of content which can be dropped in.

The process is short

You might still want to, but if your writing ability is good and you have the right tools, you don't necessarily have to have a professional editor and be driven by their availability. I wrote and published an eBook in 36 days from start to finish around my business and children. There's no reason why you can't do this too.

You eBook can be published instantly

Once written, you eBook can be published almost straight away, on your website, and can be available on Amazon Kindle in just a few days.

I love the opportunities that come from pouring your focus into an eBook. It's such an effective way to demonstrate your expertise to new clients, also giving you content you can use for years. Writing is a project with huge payoffs for your business.

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