36 days to write and publish an ebook

The best way to stay productive in my experience is to focus fully on one project, and give it your full attention.

I've published several books, one of which is also available as a physical book, and knowing the process, I wanted to understand how long it would take to create a new ebook from start to finish.

In my video this week, I explain the process I followed to publish an ebook within 36 days including:

  • Understanding the purpose of your eBook

  • How an eBook fits into your sales funnel

  • Step 2: Outline your content

  • Repurposing existing content

  • Free eBook outline template

  • Writing the eBook

  • Editing - or not editing!

  • How to find the time to write an eBook 1

  • Now the editing

  • Front cover

  • Uploading onto Amazon KDP

You can watch the full video here.

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