Do you need an ideal client avatar?

Updated: 6 days ago

Spoiler alert, yes I think you do.

But how do you identify your ideal client, and how do you know you've got it right?

Just a quick google search will bring up heaps of ideal client avatar exercises but giving your ideal client a name, deciding what car she drives and which supermarket she shops at isn't going to guarantee a successful business.

By luck, you may have it right, but without testing, you'll never know.

I believe there are four key areas to consider when deciding on the right ideal client to serve. They are:

Your existing NETWORK. Why? Because you know people in your network, you understand them and if you don't already have ideal clients in your network. They are also, likely, pivotal to an introduction in the future which will help you reach your ideal client.

The next is INTEREST. Are you interested in supporting this type of client with their specific need? Given your business is likely what you're going to do for a long time, you need to have passion and an interest in it.

The third is CASH. Money is key to any business's success so the ideal client you're going to serve needs to be able to pay for what you're going to do. As you develop your niche, consider what could be offered to different client types and use that to determine where you focus your attention.

And finally EXPERTISE. Your expertise is what's going to help you stand out from the competition, and which will help you charge more for your services, so your expertise should play an important part in determining who you serve and with what product.

In this week's video, I talk about how determining your niche isn't enough for business success, and how you can test out your niche in simple ways, and I hope you enjoy it. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to watch the full video now.

Also while you're here, I recorded a free masterclass recently which is a quick start guide to determining which product to sell when you start your journey to making money online, how to diversify your income with other complementary products, and where these different products fit in a simple sales funnel. You can register for free here and watch the replay on demand when it suits you.

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