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Voxer Coaching Testimonial

In my recent conversation with Kathryn Frimond, the founder of Your Local Bookkeeper, we discussed her journey towards balancing work and family life and how coaching has played a crucial role in this process. Kathryn's business ethos is centred around sustainability, and she offers courses to accountants and bookkeepers to help them make their practices more environmentally conscious.

Before we started working together, Kathryn was struggling with long hours, often working late into the evening after fulfilling her childcare responsibilities during the day. This was not only unsustainable but also left her feeling constantly preoccupied with work.

Through our coaching sessions, Kathryn has been able to shift her work patterns and create a healthier balance. She now has the flexibility to choose when to work, reducing pressure and allowing herself time off when needed.

By reassessing her client list and pricing, she has maintained her profits while freeing up mental space.

Kathryn highlighted the importance of investing in herself and the value she finds in having an objective sounding board for her ideas. Our partnership has encouraged Kathryn to take steps like signing up for courses or disengaging with clients who aren't a good fit for her business.

What stood out to me in our conversation was Kathryn's appreciation for the empathetic approach I bring to coaching. I don't focus solely on financial targets, I understand the complexities of balancing work with personal life, especially for mothers. We focus on the importance of prioritising tasks based on their importance and feasibility, rather than adhering to rigid expectations.

Kathryn appreciates the holistic approach to our coaching sessions, where we discuss not just business but also personal aspects. This balance is critical for Kathryn, who believes in making money without compromising on lifestyle.

Finally, Kathryn shared her future plans for her business. She intends to encourage other accountancy professionals, including marketing people and software providers, to become more sustainable. She is developing a course to increase sustainability literacy among bookkeepers and accountants, empowering them to influence their clients' impact on the environment.

Our conversation underscored the transformative power of coaching and its potential to foster personal growth and business success. It was a testament to Kathryn's journey towards a more balanced, sustainable business.

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