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Are voice notes the future of coaching?

As a mum and business owner, juggling the demands of a thriving career while raising a family can be challenging. I get it, I'm there with you every day. Balancing work-life commitments while still being present for your family requires a strategic approach.

Seeking professional help in the form of coaching and mentorship is an incredible step towards gaining clarity and confidence on your goals in life and business. However, traditional forms of coaching, with their set appointment times and long sessions, are not always practical for busy mums.

voice note coaching with Zoe Whitman

Voice Note Coaching

That's why I'm excited to offer Voice Note Coaching to my clients, and in this blog post, I'll explore the limitations of traditional coaching methods and why voice note coaching could be the ideal solution for mums who need the support and guidance of a coach.

Traditional coaching methods often require long blocks of time and set appointments that don't always work around your childcare responsibilities. If you like me have ever tried to join a 9am call with your two year old, already late from dropping your eldest at school, know that I understand the pressure. Many mums want to receive guidance and support but find it hard to fit traditional coaching methods into their already busy schedules. Voice note coaching, on the other hand, offers flexibility and convenience. With this coaching approach, you can receive coaching that works around your life.

This is an organic conversation where we cut through the unnecessary details and you get quick, actionable advice to take you to the next step.

This summer, I have some availability for one off sessions, and if you want to see how it works, you can book a 20 minute slot with me on a day that suits you.

Book your 20 minute slot

Find out all the details here.


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