9 Ways to make more money in your business

There's hidden money in your business. I'm certain of it.

There's something you already have, some knowledge you could package, something that makes you way more valuable than you thought you are which will enable you to earn more in your business and be more profitable.

  1. Pricing. Are you charging enough? Be honest now, when did you last look at your pricing?

  2. Selling more to existing customers. It's easier to sell to clients you already have (who know and trust you) than it is to find new clients. Can you sell more?

  3. Courses. Is there knowledge you have, a framework, a method, that could be taught to customers in an on-demand format without clients working with you one to one?

  4. Books. Or could that knowledge be written into a book, or an...

  5. eBook?

  6. Memberships. Are there customers who would like to work with you but can't afford you one to one? Would these people join a membership to have access to you on a group level?

  7. Coaching. Are there other business owners (like you - not customers) who'd like to build a business like yours? Ever thought of coaching them?

  8. Affiliate income. Is there a product or service you use or recommend which would pay you a commission when you act as a referral partner?

  9. Your profile. You are already an expert, but the world might not know it. Raising your profile through public speaking, writing books and courses and building your personal brand online will make you and your services more valuable and more in demand. This is a longer process, but something every business owner should work on.

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