New course announcement: Self Belief Challenge

Build your self-belief over the next seven days so you can face challenges with confidence.

There's no magic switch to turning on your confidence, but if you want to believe in yourself more so you can move forward with a business idea, so you can overcome challenges which are holding you back, this short course will help you to believe in yourself more.

We're all different, and going on a journey with self-belief and confidence is a long one. This short programme has been designed to give you some quick wins and tools you can use for a quick boost.

I've been on this journey too, and I've included personal stories and actionable advice that you can use to make changes which will work for you.

Over the next seven days we'll explore some of the reasons you feel you lack self-belief at times, we'll also look at how you can change your mental and physical state so that you can feel more confident and positive heading into situations which feel challenging.

You'll take part in daily activities and written exercises which build each day to a more confident you this time next week. We'll cover:

- Your existing beliefs

- How your beliefs and thoughts effects your self-belief

- How body language can effect self-belief

- How to start to challenge your thought patterns

- How to develop more positive thought patters to support you in building your self belief

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