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Are you finding...

  • You're competing in a saturated market and you're losing clients because there's nothing to differentiate you

  • There are way more established businesses out there which always get "all the work"

  • There are more experienced people who can just offer a wider range of services than you.

If you believe this, I bet you're pretty frustrated about the prospect of growing your business. I bet you're trying all the things to get noticed and you're just feeling diluted with nothing sticking for your client. I bet you wish you just had clarity of what you need to focus on to get to your location. 

Want to know what I think?
I think it's time for you to position yourself as an expert.

Visibility Strategy Session

Work with me if you need

Visibility Review

A full review of your current visibility, and how this aligns with where your niche need to see you and what your niche need to know you for. 


Strategy and a step-by-step action plan which focuses on priorities and impact. This will help you to immediately raise your profile as an expert for your niche.


Direction on the precise content you need to create to support you on your journey to expert status. 

Don't panic if you haven't pinpointed your niche yet, we can work on that as well. 

Work with someone who's already
elevated themselves to expert status

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I'm so glad you found me. Get ready because we're about to turn this around. 

I'm Zoe Whitman. I'm a business coach, I'm an accountant and a born introvert. I need a good lie-down after too much socialising. 

But I also know that being visible is critical to building awareness of what you do and finding clients. 

Being visible doesn't always mean spending a heap of time at in-person events (good news if you're an introvert too), and I spend most of my time on social media. But there are other things I've done which very quickly raised my profile and ensured I could create a regular stream of leads for my bookkeeping practice, and that I have a steady stream of new clients for the coaching business I co-run. 


I'm a normal person like you and I'm going to help you make and implement a plan which will help you become the expert, the only option for your ideal client. 

Visibility Strategy Session

Raise your profile and position yourself as the only choice for your ideal client



How much does the session cost?


How can I book?

Follow the "Book Now" link above to book a time which suits you in my diary. You'll be invoiced ahead of the call .

What exactly do I get?

We join a 2 hour zoom call together to review your current visibility together and to strategise your next moves. You're asked some questions ahead of the session and I complete a visibility audit before we meet. On the call, we'll discuss the options you have to position yourself as an expert to your ideal clients, how, where and when to do that, including guidance on key content you need to be creating and sharing online and your priority actions. 

Will this be recorded?

Yes, a recording can be made on request. Please request this at the meeting. 

How do I receive the details for the Zoom call?

The Zoom link will be emailed to you when your booking is confirmed.

You're not a marketer, why should I listen to you about marketing?

It's no secret that I'm not a marketer. I'm a business coach, I run a successful coaching business and I used to run an award-winning bookkeeping business and I've learnt a lot about marketing along the way. I'm an accountant by training and particularly good at finding ways to help more traditional, service based businesses stand out online by adopting trends their ideal clients are following. I know that raising your profile online is the best way to connect and engage with clients in this digital age. It is possible to build an engaged following for a business providing even the most traditional kind of service. 

Why are you different to a social media coach?

I'm not a social media expert, I'm an entrepreneur, I'm self-taught and I love to try things and adapt them to my space. I know social media is overwhelming for many people starting out in business so I want to make things simple, with templates that can be adapted for your audience. I know the missing piece of the puzzle is usually accountability, so I'll also be there for you to make sure you get what's important for your business, done.

I hate being visible online, will this help me?

I can't help you with the fear of being visible online, I can tell you how important it is and help you feel comfortable that what you're doing online is right for you. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, to give you the ideas, the plan and the training, but ultimately you're going to be the one pushing the button to get yourself online. 

Is this all about social media?

No. Social media is an important part of your presence but I want to talk to you about the extra activities you can do in person or in print which will elevate your status.

What happens next?

I follow up with your actions and I'd love to see you at Social Media Content Club for continued support and accountability. 


Book your
Visibility Strategy Session

  • Visibility audit

  • Strategise how you can become an expert in your field for your defined niche

  • Step by step visibility action plan, being clear on your priorities and actions to take straight away

  • Identify content that must be included in social media to support your journey to expert status

For an investment of £249 you can spend two hours with me and finally get clarity on what you need to do to become the expert your clients are looking for. 

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