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Limited availability this summer

You don't have time

I see you, working tirelessly this school holiday, balancing your family, your dreams, and your ambition. You're inspired, driven, and ready to take the world by storm. But sometimes, there's just too much to do isn't there?

And that means your goals get put on the back burner until you have time to properly sit down and think about it all. You're inspired but you decide to let it go, because right now, life has to take priority. 

But if you're anything like me, once you decide you simply don't have the time to move forward, it's like you've turned on the tap for all of your ideas. You find yourself getting your best ideas while you're washing up, desperately trying to scribble all of your thoughts on fairy liquid-soaked post-it notes that you stash in random pockets of your jeans and drawers in your kitchen, lost forever. It's so difficult to apply that momentum because you haven't really had time to digest your thoughts, there are too many moving parts to think about, and then the kids start asking for another snack or for you to drop them at that friend's house. And you never move forward. 


Imagine if you could talk those ideas through with a friend who gets it, so you could work out the next step, and keeping making the steps towards your goals.

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Join me for a 20 minute momentum session

A game-changing voice-note coaching session that works around your life.

As someone who's invested thousands of pounds in coaching, I know how crucial the breakthroughs are that can be achieved from working with the right coach or mentor. But I also know how frustrating it is to need to work to a rigid coaching schedule. Heck, it's hard enough to even find a clear hour in the diary for a client, let alone to make time for yourself for coaching - especially when your coach is going to give you a heap of work to do afterwards. 


The traditional way of coaching doesn't work when you're trying to squeeze everything you need to do into a six hour (or less) school day. You want to take control of your life and your business, but there simply isn't the time. Maybe this isn't for you. And you're stuck.

I run a business around my family. And I want you to do the same. So that's the way I'd like to coach you. I want it to be convenient AND powerful. I want you to get the results you need, in the time you have available. So let's make coaching work for us. 

Here's what happens in a momentum session

>> a 20-minute real-time voice-note conversation

>> No pressure to do your make-up / tidy up / worry about your kids being in the background

>> My feedback and ideas on a specific question or challenge that's coming up for you

>> Clarity, confidence and support - with a clear next step for you



1 / How do I register for the momentum session?

Register for your session here. You'll be asked for your name, contact details and to make payment before your session is confirmed. I'll also ask you for some brief details about what you'd like to discuss. 

2 / How should I prepare for the session? 

Think about what you'd like to discuss, if you feel it would help to have notes with you, make sure you have them handy. We'll unpick your thoughts and ideas and focus on the most important point for you right now.  

3 / Can I book multiple sessions?

I have limited availability for Momentum Sessions. The best way to have my focused support on your business is through 1-1 coaching

4 / How will we speak?

The session is held in real-time over a voice app which is free to use, called Voxer. You'll receive details about how to use this app before our conversation. 

5 / Can I get a refund?

No, sadly due to the administration involved there is a no refund policy for this session. We can however rescehedule the session in exceptional circumstances. Please see the full terms here

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