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Your confidence is my priority

Build the life your confidence has held you back from.


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About Zoe

My commitment to
your confidence

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Your toolkit to change your life. Here's how we'll do it


You're stopping yourself. You're holding yourself back from the potential of your own life. I know because I was you.

I've battled with self-esteem, body image, self-belief, goals and even my identity. I've gone from being the person who wanted to keep her head down and sit behind the computer, to being very visible as a podcast host, YouTuber and professional public speaker. 

My confidence is the reason I've been able to build the business I have today. But it didn't just happen. I've been on a huge self-discovery and confidence journey. Some of it was about structure and decision making, other parts were about developing a deep understanding of myself. It wasn't always easy, but what I've done has given me opportunities that I'd never have dreamt of - and would never have said yes to before. 

Spend six weeks with me and you'll walk away with clarity of your purpose and direction, goals, plans a renewed sense of self-belief and the tools that will help you in the moments you're feeling ready to retreat to the old version of you. 

And we're not talking arrogance here. We're talking that sense of knowing deeply within you who you are, what you stand for and knowing you are capable of doing what it takes to get where you want to be.

How you do one thing is how you do everything, so let's do everything with confidence.


I'm excited for you.

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You'll absolutely love what we can achieve together in the next half-term

Self discovery and confidence

Discover the foundation of who you are, where you excel and what you value. Build the toolkit for confidence that will allow you to seize every opportunity with courage and enthusiasm.

True self, personality and style

Be yourself. Learn how to align your life with who you are and what you love. Express your individuality through action and style, develop an authentic presence that reflects the inner you. 

Boundaries, health and future

Establish healthy boundaries that 

protect your wellbeing and support your growth. Prioritise your health, your future and build a balanced, empowered future path. 

Zoe understands female entrepreneurs like no other! She is an expert coach and specialises in helping working mums find the balance between running a business and being present for your children.

Highly recommend!

Stephanie Marshall 


I have worked with Zoe for over 2 and a half years, and cannot fault the support that she has given to me and my business. My business would not be where it is today without her. Zoe cares about everyone and celebrates all our wins as if they were her own. Her approach to coaching is amazing and makes you feel that you can achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend Zoe.

Annabel Barnes

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