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Can you really earn more and work less?

Let me show you.

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Change your life (without a coach)

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The coaching you need

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Why Zoe Whitman?

Through my books, podcasts and courses, I have empowered thousands of bookkeepers and accountants worldwide to build more FLEXIBLE and PROFITABLE businesses.


I turn "freelancers" into six-figure+ business owners.

As a mum in business, an accountant and an experienced coach, I know that it is possible to build a business that gives you more time with your family; you just need to know how to make it happen, trust yourself and feel you have permission to go after what you want and deserve.

This is where I step in. With my experience (and enthusiasm), I give you the skills, tools and belief to make it happen. 

I am proof that you can have a flexible, profitable business
around your family.

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so much potential...

The problem is...

  • You can't seem to make enough money without working more hours.

  • And you simply don't have the hours so you wonder whether you should charge more to make the numbers stack up.

  • But everyone else looks more established than you. You need to stand out, but you're by no means an expert.

  • You don't have the resources you need to make a plan and you don't even know what the plan is supposed to be.

  • Plus, you don't have time! And you're wasting so much time searching for the answers, you've been going around in circles for months. 

  • You feel, disorganised, inconsistent and it's really getting you down. 

  • You're doubting yourself and you're certain your friends and family are starting to doubt you too. Maybe it would be better if you just got a job.

  • ​You feel frustrated because everything would feel so much better if you just got this sorted, you've have more time because finally you'd actually have the plan, be able to make the money you need, and start thinking about something else.

  • And when it comes down to it, you just wish there was an already-successful business owner who could share the inside secrets and all the resources you need so you could use them, sort yourself out and finally know you're on the path to the money and balance you need for your business and more importantly, your life.


Zoe's an expert coach


"Highly recommend!"

Zoe understands female entrepreneurs like no other! She is an expert coach and specialises in helping working mums find the balance between running a business and being present for your children.
Stephanie Marshall

"I would definitely recommend"

I have worked with Zoe for over 2.5 years, and cannot fault her support . My business would not be where it is today without her. Zoe cares about everyone and celebrates all our wins as if they were her own. 
Annabel Barnes

"Great mentor and role model"

Zoe's support and encouragement, has helped me greatly in building my business. Zoe's approach to coaching is caring, kind, thoughtful, driven and most of all she holds you accountable!
Veshali Patel


Here's how I help


Coach yourself

Can't afford a coach? But want the benefits of an experienced coach's perspective. You're going to love this.

A monthly subscription to help you work less and earn more. You'll receive weekly exercises that will change your life and your business. You'll also join Zoe's exclusive broadcast chat. 

  • Discover who you are, so you can build your confidence and self-esteem.

  • ​Plan for the future, with clear achievable goals, no more messing around

  • ​​Hold yourself accountable​, processes that work so you can break procrastination and get what you want, finally.

£10+VAT per month

Cancel any time



Coaching and accountability

Work with Zoe to build your find yourself, build your confidence and grow your business. Find more time for you without compromising your income.

  • Bespoke support for your business

  • ​Zoe's eyes on your business

  • ​Business & lifestyle coaching

  • ​Resources and training

  • ​Accountability

  • ​Results

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