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Getting 1,000,000 children
out of poverty

by teaching their parents how to run profitable businesses.
Starting with bookkeepers.


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Why Zoe Whitman?

Through my books, podcasts and courses, I have empowered thousands of bookkeepers and accountants worldwide to build more FLEXIBLE and PROFITABLE businesses.


I turn "freelancers" into six-figure+ business owners but my purpose is more. 


As a parent myself, I want you to have more time with your children and to earn what you deserve. I'm on a mission and it starts with bookkeepers. 

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I did this against the odds

I grew up in a single-parent family in a seaside town where most of the work was seasonal. Most of my role models didn't work. My mum suffered with mental health difficulties which meant we lived on benefits in a council house. I spent some of my childhood in care.

Many of my childhood experiences are about my mum being "asleep" and needing to take care of my sister. I built strong feelings about security, money and what might be true for myself and my future. 

I sacrificed life chances because I thought I should stay at home. Even so, I ended up: 

  • homeless

  • dropping out of university

  • living with a perpetrator and victim of domestic abuse

  • struggling from bulimia in what I now know was an attempt to have some control.

I took a job as a trainee accountant and the ACCA qualification changed my life. I bought my own home and built a successful career as an accountant.


Once I had children though, I experienced how difficult full-time work is for parents.

  • Childcare is too expensive in the UK.

  • Social mobility is still unachievable in many professions.

  • There are still not enough flexible roles for professionals.

  • Social mobility + flexibility is a myth in the corporate world. 

  • Working 9-5 does not give you quality time with your children.

  • The 'benefit' of returning to office post-pandemic needs review.

  • Inflation is eating into our earnings and many service providers are still charging the hourly rates they charged years ago.

I wanted to give my children everything I didn't have so I chose self-employment, but my technical skills weren't enough. I had to go on a huge journey to learn all of the above and to work out how to build a successful business. 

Because we don't learn business skills at school (or, crucially, how our brilliant technical qualifications make us valuable in our jobs and businesses), we are ill-equipped to achieve our potential, often leaving families scraping by in an attempt to make work work around their children. 

I'm here to change that. Making an impact on children in poverty is personal to me. It's driving me to build a better childhood than I had for my daughter and son, while sharing the knowledge and experience to help others find a better, more equitable and sustainable way of life.

Why this mission matters


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Zoe's an expert coach

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"Highly recommend!"

Zoe understands female entrepreneurs like no other! She is an expert coach and specialises in helping working mums find the balance between running a business and being present for your children.
Stephanie Marshall

"I would definitely recommend"

I have worked with Zoe for over 2.5 years, and cannot fault her support . My business would not be where it is today without her. Zoe cares about everyone and celebrates all our wins as if they were her own. 
Annabel Barnes

"Great mentor and role model"

Zoe's support and encouragement, has helped me greatly in building my business. Zoe's approach to coaching is caring, kind, thoughtful, driven and most of all she holds you accountable!
Veshali Patel
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Work with Zoe

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6 Figure Bookkeeper

Together with Jo Wood, I teach bookkeepers the business skills they need to build businesses that work for them. Our programmes include:

  • The Bookkeepers' Startup Programme

  • The 6 Month Success Programme

  • The Bookkeepers' Mastermind

  • Personal Brand Brilliance

  • Bookkeepers' Podcast

  • Free Bootcamp

  • Free Training



Coach yourself

Can't afford a coach? But want the benefits of an experienced coach's perspective. You're going to love this.

A monthly subscription to help you work less and earn more. You'll receive weekly exercises that will change your life and your business. You'll also join Zoe's exclusive broadcast chat. 

  • Discover who you are, so you can build your confidence and self-esteem.

  • ​Plan for the future, with clear achievable goals, no more messing around

  • ​​Hold yourself accountable​, processes that work so you can break procrastination and get what you want, finally.

£10+VAT per month (free option available)

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