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What's right for you?

I became self employed for flexibility around my children, and I see many women doing the same. From my years of preparing tax returns through my bookkeeping practice and as an accountant, I was always so disheartened to see women starting businesses with great intentions to provide for their families but not earning enough to pay any tax, let alone reward themselves for their hard work.

For me, it's essential that my business brings me financial stability, security and time with the kids - and at times, it didn't always work how I wanted. As an accountant by training, I was never afraid to run a forecast, see problems and make the changes that needed to be made, but I know it's not that straightforward for everybody.

Sometimes there's a problem in our business, it could be untapped revenue you'd never considered, a course, something that's going to raise your profile so high that you're much more in demand, or hey, your pricing could be all wrong to start with. It's time to work out what that is so you can run a profitable business which you love, and which gives you time with your family. 

Are you overwhelmed and in need of a plan of action?

I'm passionate about you making your profitable business a reality around your family. I believe the key to success is having several income streams which are focussed around you core service.


But I know many entrepreneurs like you are overwhelmed with ideas for your business which you're juggling around everything else in life. Maybe you're trying to design an online course, you think you need a YouTube channel, a book, a podcast, and aren't sure what to give your attention.


Are you struggling with all the ideas, feeling pulled in all the directions?


Investing time in a business idea is a huge commitment, especially when you don't know if it's going to pay off. I'm here to remove the overwhelm, strategise with you, and give you the step by step actions to take so you can build income into your business which needs less of your time and makes your business more profitable. 

Why Zoe?

I knew I was meant to do more than my corporate job as an accountant but always felt self employment was too risky and totally out of reach.


Fast forward 5 years, getting focus, removing the overwhelm, taking a huge confidence journey and I've published books, won awards, recorded over 100 podcast episodes and together with my business partner grown a facebook community of over 7,000. I've built a six figure business which has multi-five figure launches while I work from home, during school hours, four days per week.


I've raised my profile, I write ebooks and I create courses so I can show that you can too.

Now I'm here to help you.

Zoe Whitman

Group Programme

Online Income Sprint starts soon. Join me for to design the right course or ebook for your business and to get it written, recorded and available for sale within eight weeks.

No more faffing, no more excuses.

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